Chi Nites

Updated: Mar 8

Part 1

my grandma always told me words are powerful be careful what you say yet i ooze negativity and doubt afraid to speak the words aloud i keep em safe not sound in the shadows of my mind- circumventing self-infliction i won't let em past my lips but the dark flames always find their way home silently excavating those lasts threads of sanity and still i wonder what would i do without them how would i write this piece shh don't speak Part 2

and i guess that's why i write an alternative release a naked foundation boundless in a limiting world a hollow womb that i carved out for myself - BC

*Wealth In Health Exercise*

Breathe and silently read 2x:

[Inhale] I won't fear

[Exhale] My purpose

[Inhale] I won't doubt

[Exhale] My truth

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