Déjà Vu

There's a deep silence growing within; I am shapeless. Just like before... When I heard the gutwrenching bellows of a strong woman beginning to break. The decay is just the beginning. Death sinks in phases.

This time, your words came like a thud in the night. Your grandfather's cancer has returned. It is now in his bones. Did it ever leave?

I'm reminded of our last Thanksgiving. Dad was alive. I was sitting in the living room with Grandma, just admiring her face. I asked her how she was doing, but I didn't expect a truthful response. I don't think anyone ever does. She said, I'm sad. It's so lonely when you get older. Everyone's dying. It wasn't the words that stuck with me, it was the look in her eyes.

speak your truth

go beyond the surface

dig up the roots

- bc

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